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Series one of Murder Most Horrid, the dark and inventive crime comedy starring Dawn French was released on bail and on DVD this week (read on to see how you can win a copy). Homicide becomes her in a mix of drama, sit-com and horror genre references. French slips into a different persona in each of six murderous tales:

  • The Case Of The Missing -- A traffic cop who is promoted to lead the investigation in what appears to be a straightforward murder case but turns out to be anything but. See clips: 1, 2
  • The Girl From Ipanema -- French stars as Brazilian au pair Maria, who while working for a parliamentary candidate and his wife uncovers a heady cocktail of sexual and political intrigue with fatal consequences. See clips: 1, 2
  • He Died A Death -- Fading soap star Judy Talent is caught in the mystery when rivalries amongst a group of theatre "luvvies" starring in the whodunnit 'The Catflap' lead to murder. See clips: 1, 2
  • A Determined Woman -- The recently made redundant but still ambitious quantum physicist Rita Proops resolving to carry on her research into time machine construction in her garage. See clips: 1, 2
  • Murder At Tea Time -- Bunty Breslaw, a children's TV presenter who, insanely jealous of her younger colleague and rival, adopts villainous methods to keep her permanently out of the picture. See clips: 1, 2
  • Mrs. Hat And Mrs. Red -- A baffling tale of suburban doppelgangers, luxury bath oils, geraniums and, naturally, murder. See clips: 1, 2

French is joined by gang of guest stars including Timothy Spall, Jane Asher, Jim Broadbent and Kathy Burke.

What's more, we've got five copies of series one to give away, courtesy of the distributors.

To enter the draw to win one, just send an email with the subject Murder Most Horrid DVD Giveaway. Your email should include full name and contact address, including postcode.

The draw is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered. Winners will be notified by email.

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