Red Nose Day 2003
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Saturday, 15 March 2003, 10.21 AM
More fundraising results

In the small hours of the TV appeal 35,174,798 had been raised. Break it down now!

The Wella/ auction of celebrity hair raised 3506 for Comic Relief. Best bids went to Dolly the sheep (500), Gareth Gates (651) and Daniel Radcliffe (751).

Radio 1's Football Tour and Battle of the DJs brought in 250,000.

Comic Relief Does Fame Academy raised more than 600,000 with over 4 million phone votes.

Celebrities went through L learning to drive, and failed their tests, but the phone competition to win the Ford Focus that Gareth Gates learned to drive in raised 200,000.


Nine-year high

The single in the sky

The Chamber opens

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RND03 The Big Hair Do
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