Bank Holiday radio special

The Phantom Millennium

French and Saunders are back for another Bank Holiday special on BBC Radio 2. This time they are joined by actress of Acorn Antiques and Calendar Girls fame Celia Imrie, plus comedy double act Anna Crilly (Lead Balloon) and Katy Wix (Not Going Out).

Set the dial for BBC Radio 2, Monday 30th May 2011, 12pm

UPDATE! They’re back for an additional show this August Bank Holiday:

  • Monday, 29 August 2011, 12pm — with guests Prof Brian Cox and Matt Lucas. (see all)

They’ll be back on Radio 2 at Christmas.

Comments (8)

sue said:

Spiffing show. Ta.

Olivia said:

Top ten! :D

Chris Lark said:

Another very funny show from F & S. BTW if you don't know already it looks like their next show from what I heard should be on a Bank Holiday in August (I think it's Mon. Aug. 29th?)

Lucy said:

RESULT! I wish you were on every weekend (or everyday). You ROCK!!!

suzann said:

you need a much more regular slot than bank hols, so funny, so good, so human!

thank you so much ladies!

Jon Arnar said:

would love to have time to hear it send me memo please! I´m now watching the box set with the six seasons I have just bought on and you are as funny to watch now as you where from 1988 :-)

Ben said:

Fantastic! If only we didn't have to wait so long between shows...

So Christmas then. New Ab Fabs & radio shows. Counting the days..!

Lucy said:

PURE genius. Wish you were on everyday.

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