Roger and Val are in again

Dawn French as Val Stevenson

Dawn French’s sitcom Roger and Val Have Just Got In is back for a new run. Once again we join the couple for the half-hour after they return home, she from her teaching job, he from his work as a botanist.

Since the last series Roger (Alfred Molina) is facing a sexual harassment charge at work and Val is aspiring to make Deputy Head at her school. But a bizarre revelation is set to change everything in their safe, domestic world.

Roger and Val Have Just Got In Wednesday 8 February 2012, 10pm-10.30pm

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Anna said:

Dear Dawn

This is the Queen, I will keep this brief as I know you must be busy.

Please let me know by close of play today what was in the letter that was discovered by Roger in the hall way. I am unable to wait until next episode to find out.

Yours sincerely

The Queen

Ali said:

Thank you for bringing Roger and Val into 2012. It is the only TV show that I get that warm fuzzy feeling about at the moment. I always look forward to my Wednesday night in. Thank you Dawn x
ps. I do hope you get this message. I wasn't sure how else to let you know :)

Emma Inglis said:

Hi Dawn,

Just want to say that I think Roger and Val is the best thing on tv at the moment - I look forward to it all week. The end of the last episode (14th Mar) was absolute GENIUS!!! Surprising and so, so, so RIGHT!

Please make another series!


Emma Trott said:

I have never felt the need to leave a message about any tv programme or series in my life (43 now!) but I just wanted to tell you that I love Roger & Val just got in (I don't really watch much tv and very rarely will I make an effort to watch a series). I just watched Episode 6 of the current series on iplayer. Not only did I really enjoy it, when the grandson came running in and was swept up in Val's arms I cried actual tears of joy. It was such a beautiful ending. Thank you x

Alice said:

I loved Roger and Val. Is it going to come back for another series?

The last episode of the second series just broke my heart. I couldn't stop crying for about half an hour after watching it. Why doesn't Val have a child? Life just isn't fair.

Marion Jay said:

Roger and Val have really got under my skin. The characters are so like my partner and me, when we pause the programme to make a cup of tea, it sounds as though we're just continuing the dialogue. I didn't think we'd see the grandson, as we never see anyone from outside, and when Roger opened the door and the little boy ran up the hall, I found the scene more moving than anything I've seen on telly for years. Suddenly the little boy-shaped hole in the house was filled. It was overwhelming. A wonderful end to the series.

As Marion says, it felt like we were watching ourselves sometimes, the repartee and asides between Roger and Val seemed so like how we and other couples behave in private. The scene where they wave at Liam from the front window made me laugh, and as Marion says the scene where Liam's son runs into the house, and the reaction of Val smiling seemed to make up for the huge pain she and Roger suffered from the loss of their own baby, it was almost too much to think about.

Please make some more of these, but take time to make it worth it.

Marion's Partner, well actually Fiancé, she forgot to say that, Bill.

Pete said:

Roger and Val Have Just Got In is absolutely great - superbly written, profound, so well observed, and of course brilliantly acted. Please make some more programmes with these two loveable characters - the best British programme on telly.

Amanda said:

Hi Dawn,
I'm from the U.S. And I was introduced to you from the Vicar of Dibley. After watching you on that I was hooked and then had to go on youtube and watch anything and everything by you and when I saw this series I watched all the episodes available all in one day. I hope that it comes out on DVD in the U.S. Soon!!!

Marcos Batista said:

Dawn French Address

What is your contact email?

Brazil sends a strong hugs

Maureen Flanly Beatty said:

Please put everything on DVD by Dawn French and sell in the USA. We Love her here

Chris said:


You won't know me or my family but we have followed you for many, many years, through your ups and downs.

We want to ask you to please reconsider working for Churchill Insurers.

Our reason is that we can not reconcile the fact that this company is trying to avoid paying out compensation for a 13 year old girl, with your personality. The girl was knocked over by a Churchill insured car at night. She is now 16 years old and brain damaged. Being associated with this company diminishes you by association.

Please reconsider...

Chris, Sarah, Bex, Sam, Honey, Al and Josh

Trichelle Marshall said:

Dear Ms. French,

I recently discovered The Vicar of Dibley over here in the U.S. and not a moment too soon. I have suffered a recent relapse in Depression and you and the brilliant cast are pulling me through. I'm sure this isn't the first nor will it be the last life your talent has saved. Thank you, the cast and writers for proving that laughter truly is the best medicine!

Best Wishes,
Trichelle Marshall

kellie said:

Dear Ms. French,
Not unlike Trichelle Marshall, I have suffered from depression for many years. I find the Vicar of Dibley to be the comedy I need at this time.
You are refreshing in your part as Geraldine.
I have laughed and cried with the cast members thru all the episodes.
Love this so much I ordered the series from the BBC.
Thank you from the bottom om my heart for saving me from something that is permanent to a short term issue.

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