Back on Radio 2

The Silence of the Lambs

French and Saunders are back on Radio 2 for more shows over Christmas. Expect a mix of chat, jokes, music and guests, F&S-style. Here’s the show roster:

  • Christmas Day 2-4pm — with Hilary Devey and Clare Balding and includes the Queen’s Christmas message
  • New Year’s Day 1-3pm — with Sharon Gless and Kirsty Wark
  • 2 January 2-4pm — with Michael Palin and Tracey Emin

If you can’t catch the shows live, listen again on BBC iPlayer (see all).

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Chris Lark said:

All 3 shows were great! But if I could only pick one then my fave would be the one with Michael Palin. F & S are still as funny & sharp as ever and I'm looking forward to their next show at Easter.

Rich Hill said:

I wasn't able to hear their second and third radio shows over holidays in jan 2012
Normally,, I get to listen to them through YouTube
What happened?

Sunny said:

Can't believe these two un-funny, un-talented people are on radio on Christmas day again. How shallow the bbc talent pool must be. Why not give the opportunity to someone else?

ant said:

Hehehehehe, just listened on iplayer, - still amazing, cant wait for easter. Happy New Year!

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