Back to School

Adrian Edmondson

Education begins proper tonight when the celebrities enter the Fame Academy for full-time classes. Plus another student leaves for good in the live show at 8pm, BBC One.

The rest of them will sing again tomorrow as the daily live shows continue. From now on it's sudden death, as every night the celebrities lose one of their number until the grand final on Red Nose Night.

Last year Comic Relief Does Fame Academy raised over �750,000 and this year this year the celebrities have gone from eight to 13 in number and the series doubles to two weeks.

If you want more Fame Academy there's further coverage each night on BBC Three plus from Thursday there are extra 15-minute helpings on CBBC on BBC Two and the CBBC Channel from 7.40 am.

That's it. In fact no, because if you press the red button you can watch coverage from 9am-12am every day.