Psychoville — part two


The confounding collection of characters is back in Psychoville. The survivors of the explosion at Ravenhill Psychiatric Hospital reunite to bury one of their number, but they remain under surveillance by the mysterious Grace Andrews.

Dawn French returns as the nurse with a special baby, Joy Aston.

Midwife Joy in Psychoville

Psychoville 2 starts Thursday 5 May 2011, 10pm, BBC Two (see all)

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Hi who ever send me the email about buy the french and saunders website do what ever u want you send your email to the wrong person i have no effilation with this website or the actual famous people themselves i saw them in a show once thats it

JoAnn Lanza said:

We need to see more of Dawn French in the states. I am from NH. Dawn is such a talent! I feel as if we in America are being deprived of a great actress!!

Mema said:

Okay, so I am a bit tardy here, pardon me I am from Germany, but me oh my, Psychoville is just fab stuff, you guys!!!
Lurve it as every bits and pieces coming from these fine ladies.
I mostly enjoy that no matter how bonkers it gets, and God knows there are some nutjobs out there - counting me within, it's never offending! :)

I just love Brits telly. The finest on earth and especially from you, if you ask me, what you haven't - but there :P - my two cents!

Keep it going, keep it flowing, you rock my socks and me brains :)


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