Jam and Jerusalem

The wraps are off Jennifer Saunders' next project, featuring comedy partners old and new. She has written a pilot for a series called Jam and Jerusalem, an affectionate comedy about a women's group called the Women's Guild.

The show is not about the similarly named Women's Institute, but WI members have chipped in to help the cast and crew. The show is set in and filmed on location in Devon, and WI members have helped by providing extras and baking cakes.

Filming on the 30-minute pilot is underway, and stars Sue Johnston (The Royle Family) and Dawn French. It also features Sally Phillips, Joanna Lumley, Maggie Steed and Jennifer Saunders herself.

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gail said:

WHERE, did the name Jam & Jerusalem come from? What does it mean?

A curious American ;-)

Marie Galvin said:

brilliant series, when is the next one coming. series one on Watch but at l.OOa.m. - far too late but am staying awake. Any chance of a repeat of the previous series. anything - just keep them coming.

well written. acting superb. Well Done everyone. Can't wait until next series.

dillDirect said:

The writing was superb. Dawn French should get some kind of award for her amazing portrayal of "Rosie". She is a fine, fine actress.

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