Jam and Jerusalem starts

Jam and Jerusalem

Jennifer Saunders' new comedy, 'Jam and Jerusalem' starts on Friday 24 November.

The action focusses on Sal - self assured and determined to steer clear of the world of knitting and cake-baking inhabited by the local Women's Guild. But Sal decides to sample life at the Guild when her husband's death pushes her to seek a new direction in life.

Jam and Jerusalem, Fridays 9.30-10pm, BBC One.

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Ozone said:

Amazing that there is little response to this show. Just saw the first episode on an airplane entertainment package and thought it was brilliant. Did the show take off in Britain, there is precious little knowledge to be had on the internet. Hope it hits the states soon.

Chris said:

I love Clatterford, as it's known in the states, and was happy to hear that there will be a second season.

I imagine the DVD won't be out until next year. I'll be looking for it.

Brien said:

Any word on season two being released on dvd in the states? I am really hating BBC America for not showing the second season yet.

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