A Bucket O' French and Saunders

The Phantom Millennium

Twenty years of the French and Saunders sketch show are celebrated in a new series starting in September. Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders raid their back catalogue and present favourite sketches and new material.

It's another chance to visit the country home of the Fat Men, watch Britney Spears take on Madonna and no series would be complete without the famed movie pastiches.

Alan Sugar, Simon Cowell and Amy Winehouse are some of the new faces who are tackled in a fresh batch of sketches.

Together the series builds into a six-week compendium of comedy. Take a good look as it may be the last we see of the French and Saunders sketch show as we know it.

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Ben RIpley said:

I have been a fan of French & Saunders since I was a child. I long for the day when the complete series comes out on DVD - best of collections are useless to a hardcore fan like me.
Series one and two is a faint memory to me (apart from the best of collection, of course) and series three was without doubt the best series of all.

One question though... why do music rights have to ruin video and DVD releases? the 'fast-forward' remix of The Sound of Music sketch, although funny, was not as wonderful as the original. While I'm at it - surely Madonna wouldn't have minded Edina singing 'Like a Prayer' in AbFab episode 'Death' - so why cut that utterly brilliant moment?

(I know picture AbFab fans running to their DVD shelves to see if their DVD is missing that line too - believe me, it is!)

I look forward to this new series and I hope it does well enough in the ratings for the Beeb to realise they could be sitting on a gold-mine as far as possible DVD sales are concerned!

Dawn, Jen... I love you! :)

PS I want 'Happy Families' on DVD also...

phil.c said:

looking forward to the new shows - any news on next years tour dates/venues as yet?

Nina Baldwin said:

Phil - look on ticketmaster - but be sure to put French & Saunders because French and Saunders won't come up with anything. There are dates for Manchester, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Bristol and Oxford. Feb- May next year. Just booked Bristol!! Yay!!

Simon Adams said:

Looking forward to the new series - just one question, how do I get hold of Lucky Bitches on DVD? Or will it be shown on Bucket O?



Amanda said:

Hi, Im such a big fan, unfortantly there isn't much screening on Australian television.

Would there be any chance of being able to get dvd's of their shows
I would love to see the next series Bucket O.

If i ever met dawn and Jennifer i wd die a happy woman lol


chriso said:

Please say that this series will some day be available to US audiences! Either on BBC America or DVD. Or both! You have more fans over here than you could imagine.

Simon said:

Lucky bitches can be seen on the U.S release of French & Saunders At The Movies DVD. There Seems To Be More Available In The U.S. And Australia than in the U.K. !!

Anne said:

I have been a fan for many years here in the USA. I hope this airs on BBC America or gets released on DVD soon! I wish BBC America would air so much more of your work; French & Saunders, Vicar of Dibley, Murder MOst Horrid, etc.! Dawn and Jennifer you have brought so much laughter into my life! You have so many fans here in America. It would be wonderful for your farewell tour to include the USA!
Thanks for all you do!

Barbara said:

Say it ain't so! I caught on to the tag end of AbFab, the end of Vicar of Dibley and now just when I discover French and Saunders it may be the last of the series! *sob* We never have anything fun here in America.

Ben said:

Loved reminiscing during the first episode of Bucket O'...

Re: the tour dates - do you think they will add any more? I am holding out for a Birmigham date before I book any other. Three months with only 9 dates seems unusual.

Mind, there has been no official announcement of the tour yet, and Ticketmaster have a habbit of not selling for every show...

Kate said:

Waiting, hoping & praying for the day we can get ALL past series on DVD.

Dawn & Jennifer - comic genius

Alex said:

What was the music that was played during Jennifer and Dawn entering the white room? Some sort of horn music. Cheers if anyone knows :)

Dames said:

Hey gang,

I can't begin to tell you how many of F&S's quotes are used daily in my home...

Though if you ARE looking for DVDs, head to America.
BBC America has released six full-length DVDs;

* At The Movies
* Back With A Vengeance
* Gentlemen Prefer French & Saunders
* The Ingenue Years
* Living In a Material World
* On The Rocks

While some sketches have been edited and parts are missing, it's the most French & Saunders one can get their hands on on DVD.
All are available on Amazon or similar sites.


Eva Fontijn, Holland said:

Dear mrs French and mrs Saunders,

thank you for making me laugh for so many times! I really admire you both.

Only just now I was quite shocked about the price for the tickets to your theatre show; 208 pounds or nearly 300 euro's!! So only the stinking rich people can see your show... that is so not fair! I'm not fond of whining about money, but I'm only a poor dutch student and I absolutely love you guys and your work and would very much like to see you live in the theatre.
So I have a question and a proposition for you. Will there be any cheaper seats for your show?
And would you like to come to a theatre in Holland? I would do anything for that! From kissing your arse to showing you around the place. You'll have enough audience in Holland I am sure of that! And as to doing things before you're 60; performing in an Dutch/Amsterdam theatre is a good one to cross off your list, ain't it?

I'll be looking forward to you answer,
yours sincerely,

Eva Fontijn (distant relative of Maggie Fontana)

I am such a huge fan of F&S!!! Please, please, please come to the USA (specifically Milwaukee, Wisconsin)!! My husband and I will just be missing the beginning of the tour dates in the UK when we plan to be there. It would mean the world to me to see you guys live...actually meeting you afterwards would mean the world!


Natalie said:

Heya, I'm a huge fan of F&S, and I'm only 13. That's something.

Anyway is there any chance of a DVD release for each of the series' in Australia?

Lots of love! =D

Eva Fontijn, Holland said:

Oops, I just found out tickets are not 208 pounds, the coasttocoast.com website displays it wrongly. They are the normal theatre tickets price. So happy about that! You are still invited to Holland, though! ;)

Love, Eva

james said:

i'm only 10 and i love french and saunders is there any chance that in the u.k. we could have all the dvds they have in america and all series

thank you

Lee Finch said:

To French and Saunders
I would like to say A big well done and
congratulations for reaching 20 years in the
showbiz world together god bless hope you
contact me soon

Philippa said:

absolutely luv bucket!!!!
ratings are good, so why is the last episode pulled from the schedule?????????????
F&S fans all around the world are in severe pain right now!
so please, just broadcast the last episode!!!

loads of love

Mitzi LaRue said:

I love watching French and Saunders. They are masters of parody and absolute comic geniuses! I wish that everything they've ever done would be put out on DVD. YouTube is fun, but I'd prefer to have my own personal, complete collection of F&S, as only the first two or three seasons were ever shown here in the USA. Even so, there are a lot of F&S fans over here and I wish that they'd do a USA tour too.

My 9 year old daughter has been getting a real kick out of some of the skits, but I do have to be a bit selective about which ones that I let her see!

Thanks so much for all the laughs!!!


P.S. I think that the first time I ever saw Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders was on an episode of "The Young Ones" probably back in the early 1980s. I think that Jennifer's character's name was Helen Mucus.

james said:

please can we have more dvds in u.k. we only get the best of and at the movies here but in america they have a lot more than that and it annoys me that things in america come out quicker than the things in the u.k. and i think in the u.k. we should have

back with a vengeance
gentlemen prefer french and saunders
living in a material world
the ingenue years
on the rocks
series 1
series 2
series 3
series 4
series 5
series 6
a bucket o french and saunders
all the special episodes
french and saunders live in 2000
or we could have at the movies back with a vengaence gentlemen prefer french and saunders the ingue years and on the rocks all in a boxset

and all the series in a boxset plus all the live ones in a seperate boxset

p.s. why does it not say that a bucket o is not on this friday there has only been 5 episodes on and i thought there was six because it says so on this web and wilkepedia

Holly said:

I was thinking that because I'm going home this weekend to watch the last one because I'm at uni and don't have a tv. It should still be one right? There's only been 5 so we want the full 6!!

SeeeTeee said:

Did they show episode 6 last night? I'm in America and I can't find that last episode. I don't know what site to go to find your tv schedule.

Anonymous said:

french and saunders series 1-6 is coming out on the 19th february 2008

Blake said:

To: French & Saunders,
I've have to admit been a fan of Absolute Fabulous since I was four teen years old. After disover the French an Saunders other stuff made me laught my ass off humor.Really hoping that they do a tour in usa (Madison wi)area.

russell said:

like one person stated above FRENCH & SAUNDERS have many fans in the usa so i wish they would tour here in the states or at least the ft worth dallas area lol .

laura hurst said:

french and saunders is the funniest thing ever i love it so much it is great!!!!!!

angela watson said:

Hi, come on ladies a nationwide tour and you do not include London!!. see what you can do so us poor gits up here can have a laugh too.

Pull some strings....

ta x

Hannah said:

I was Just wondering if 'A bucket O' French and Saunders' is on DVD in the U.K ? I cant find it any where ...

Oh and French and Saunders Is Great ! :D

Tracey said:

Why oh why oh why?

I think French & Saunders are fantastic and have done for a long time and the general feeling i get is that a lot of other people do to.

So why are there only limited DVDs available? The Complete Series 1-6 (which incidentally isn't complete) is great but where are all the specials??

The entire back catalogue should be made available on DVD, all live tours, all specials, all series which means including A Bucket O'.

This really narks me off especially when you see the amount of drivvle on TV these days.

Hi there. Im in Australia and a huge French and Saunders fan.....whats wrong with anyone who isn't I would desperately love to travel to London to see the final skit show but at present finances do not permit. Is there anyone out there wanting to do something crazy and help me out and Im good for it.
There is the concept of doing a certain 100 things before ones life runs out and Im working towards meeting the girls - Dawn and Jen so need to ge to their show. happy to bring laods of cadbury choc's to throw at dawn to make up for her getting non at Harrogate. Anyone? signed Helene

james said:

i am now happy with our dvd releases of french and saunders we now have:

series 1-6
live in 2000
still alive

but we also need:

series 7 ( a bucket o')
all 11 specials
live in 1990

GracieGirl said:

Does anybody know about getting A Bucket of French & Saunders on DVD? I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR TWO WEEKS, EVERYWHERE!!! Why would it not be on DVD? WHY?!?!?!?

Freyaaa:) said:

I brought French and Saunders still alive tour today and i LOVEE it, and im getting the WHOLE box set of Absolutely Fabulous for Christmas and i cant wait :D


Lots Of Love Freya xxxxxx <3

Jeanine said:

Region 1 dvd, please please please!!!!! Thankyou Dawn and Jennifer for all the laughs and joy you bring to our lives! bless you both. :)

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