Merry Christmas

Jam and Jerusalem

Here's a look at how French and Saunders are invading this year's festive TV schedules:

  • Dawn French's Boys Who Do Comedy Sun 23 December 10.15pm BBC One
  • Dawn French's More Boys Who Do Comedy click here for various days/times
  • A Christmas Bucket o' French and Saunders Mon 24 December 10.45pm BBC One
  • Jam and Jerusalem (new series episodes 1 & 2) Tue 1 January 2008 10.10pm; Fri 4 January 2008 8.30pm BBC One

Have a Happy Christmas and New Year.

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robbi said:

Consider it bought =D

Sarah said:

Hooray! New Jam And Jerusalem! ^^

jodie said:

jam and jerusalem was just brilliant jennifer saunders is soo talented as are the rest of the cast im really looking forward to seeing the french and saunders live tour in april ! please jennifer do another series of vivienne vyle as im hooked i cant get enough of it and i would also just like to say congrats to dawn french and jennifer saunders for all of their hard work over the years i think im not the only one that will say it has been a pleasure to watch such brilliant comediennes at work and i cant wait for more and i agree cant wait for the jam and jerusalem dvd and the french and saunders dvd to be brought out ill b first in line thanx again

lavy said:

merry flippin christmas!!! YAY for new jam and jerusalem :D

Paul Moloney said:

There is such bigoted tosh on the BBC blog thread relating to J&J that I refuse to participate so I'm commenting here. We laughed out load at series 1 and the second one is even better. So well observed - we know at least one example of every one of the cast! Splendid balance of humour and emotions from real people. Ignore the gain-sayers and keep it up!- must have the DVDs!

eb said:

i hate jam and jerusalem

stace said:

I think they should do this tour in canada?

Kira said:

Eb, how can you hate Jam and Jerusalem.....It is brilliant. I agree with Paul, that we really do know an example of everyone on the cast!!!

Lew said:

I am devastated !! Jam & Jerusalem - last one tonight. Please please make another series. It is just brilliant. Brilliant writing, casting & acting. Just one criticism - its not on long enough !

terry said:

Jennifer and Dawn I freaking love you. The skit where you played Gone with the Wind is my fave.
I laugh every time I see it. Love, Terry from Florida.

Katherine Jones said:

Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French are my idols. They are hilarious and every sketch is so original. Whether you watch a sketch just that once or ten times, every single time you are guaranteed a laugh. They are both fabulous. Jennifer Saunders writing has inspired me so much. I write comedy and one day only hope to be an ounce as fantastic and appreciated for it as Jennifer is. Jam and Jerusalem is amazing, Absolutely well Fabulous, French and Saunders is hilarious, Mirrorball was awesome, The Vivienne Vyle show is phenomenal, Jennifers sketch in Dangerous Brothers was hysterical. She is very talented. Also Dawn French is a truly inspirational character. Her shows are also as fabulous!!! It is a sad time for the comedy world as we wave good bye to our long time comedy genius's. French and Saunders was THE BEST!! I only hope that their other shows come soon and we see alot more of them.
Congratulations Jennifer and Dawn. You are truly inspirational people.
Katherine Jones
North America.

sue weaver said:

I am a big fan of French & Saunders, i worked in the caribbean for many years & was lucky enough to be on a boat with Dawn & Lenny, Lenny was very sea sick & i offered to get him a bacon sandwich, they were both funny & down to earth people. My friend & me had just got off a small yacht the captain liked his drink & nearly killed us both, we told Dawn the story & she said if ever you get back to England get a message to me "the girls off the rocky boat from Bequia" well Dawn 20 years later i am back my friend married a great man from Barbados & now has 3 children & never left the West Indies. I am hoping to come & see your show on Tuesday 22nd April. PLEASE somebody let Dawn know this.

Best Wishes Sue Weaver

elik said:

are still living entities they no dead ?

ip user california

Lea said:

I absolutely love Dawn, have the Vicar of Dibley series,it was a show I looked forward to each week to help me get through the rest of the week. Also loved her part in the Harry Potter movie. I wish though we got more of her shows here in the states. Yes Yes am a Yank but love the BBC channel. Only get the one but have been a fan of the brit coms for years, started with Are You Being Served, Keeping up Appearances and just renewed a forgotten childhood classic Monty Python. Hope to get more of the BBC channels here but only have the one. Well God BLess and hope to see more of F&S

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