French and Saunders do funny for money

Mamma Mia

Here they go again! But Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders will perform as a double act for the last time on Red Nose Day.

It's wigs and dungarees all round for their final performance - a parody of the movie musical Mamma Mia. It's all in aid of Comic Relief which helps disadvantaged people in Africa and the UK.

Mamma Mia

Also featuring in the sketch are Philip Glenister, Sienna Miller, Alan Carr and Matt Lucas. Watch French and Saunders sashay into Red Nose Day on Friday 13 March from 7pm, BBC One.

Mamma Mia

Photos: Giles Park

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pingo said:

Dear Ms French and Ms Saunders.

SWEEET HAIRY CHEESES!!!! I've just seen how much your tickets are for your Australian tour. Cheapest $179! (That's 90 litres of milk, in case you know not the value of the Aussie dollar. Or 4.5 cartons of good local beer. Or 180 kilo's of Pumpkin. Or 3 bra's. Or Tim Tams for a year.)
As much as you gals rockkkk, that's way outta reach for most people's fun budget. Yer gonna have a rather dull audience. Lots of pearls and stinky perfume I reckon.
Slap your promoter NOW!

Thanks for the many laughs.

ms pingo

FraunchersFAN4EVER!! said:

gosh i can't wait to watch it :P
i've made sure i've watched ALL ur episdoes, cos u truly are the Queen's of comedy, ahah love u guys!!! ♥
God Bless
ur biggest fan! (even tho i don't have ur autographs yet :''( i hope one day i'll get them some way :P)
but yea good on u guys man!
u make the british comedy it is today for us youngsters but the nowadays one will never be as good as u guys!
luv you 2!!!!

alkira said:

Hey girls,

I'm from Australia too, yeah the tickets are sort of expensive but c'mon, its the first and last time you'll ever perform on our shores so i'm pretty sure i'd do anything to come and see you guys. You deserve every little bit with all the hard work and dedication. Apart from the fact that you are bloody hilarious! Wish I was born earlier though to enjoy more of you guys but this will be a blessing. Good luck on your tour and I hope you enjoy your stay here. By the way, that Mamma Mia skit looks so funny.

Alkira xoxox

RND said:

Wow! Your Performance Was Great Last Night!

Can I watch the Whole Thing Somewhere Apart From BBCIPlayer?

helen said:

Dear Dawn & Jennifer

When you come to Australia please put on a show in Hobart. It's closer to Melbourne than Sydney and I'd love to see your show.


Sweedie said:

Mamma Mia on Red Nose Day was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. When I watched the film again I was in stitches, remembering your version. Thanks for all the laughs and I'm gutted that you retired!

Emma said:

Any chance you'll do one more show in Perth? The four shows sold out so fast! I'm sure I'm not the only one who missed out.

Wayne said:

I agree with Helen; it would be great if a show was put on in Hobart, Tasmania during your Australian tour. You are just as popular here than in any other Australian state. It isn't fair that we always seem to miss out on International acts here in Tassie; as it appears that the promoters - far more so than the act/s themselves - are afraid of the expense of crossing the little bit of water that runs between Victoria and Tasmania. I thoroughly enjoy your show, and The Vicar Of Dibley is one of my all times favourites. Therefore, I would definitely pay whatever it costs to see your show in Tasmania, but I won't fly interstate to see it.

So I make an impassioned plea from all Tasmanian French & Saunders fans: Please come to Tassie!

Ella said:

Mamma Mia was Sooo funny -- Jen looked well like Streep ... wow -- just fab.

Still cant quite believe they're retiring .. no two women will ever be as brilliant as these two -- and never as funny ....

I have watched everything you have done and loved it all .. have all the DVDs .. everything

Love you two --- and i maintain that im your biggest fan xx

pauline maher said:


Kym said:

God, too too funny! You two are brillo pads! Love you both xxx, well, I don't actually LOVE you because I don't know you personally, but I'm sure I would if it did (know you personally that is)! Big fan at any rate. :)

Kym said:

Don't listen to "Helen"...Hobart isn't really part of Australia, although we are very proud as Australians that Princess Mary of Denmark comes from Tasmania. She's very pretty isn't she?

Sue said:

Hey I live here in Rosamond, CA in the U.S. and I have enjoyed your shows. Please continue to do your great work, we think that you are very funny.

Have a great Life you will live long and harmonious.

Patsy said:

Thanks for including the Mamma Mia sketch film in the Australian tour - saves watching it online ha ha.

Leo Biblitz said:

What ho, Japesterettes,

There is PUH-lenty! of free grub as well as any libations you care to swill if you make it out to Canada's wacky weed-wonderful West Coast! Yes! Promise!

One question, now that we're on friendly terms and all: HOW small is Robbie Coltrane's cock?

Tell your Uncle Leo. Tell! Tell!


Denese said:

I have been viewing this web page for almost 2 years and I am not sure that French and Saunders even have a connection to the site.
But just in case they do, I would like to leave a note regarding Ab Fab on Fox here in the U.S.. Sorry, they let you down. Their loss. And ours. My suggestion to you would be a cable channel instead of a network like Fox, ABC, CBS or NBC, they have to many people they are accountable to. HBO would be perfect or Showtime, I am serious, if you don't believe me ask Tracey Ullman.
A concerned fan who would like to see French and Saunders "conquer America". You both deserve the international attention.

Good Golly Miss Molly said:

I cannot wait, repeat, cannot wait for Friday night's performance in Perth! Two more sleeps! Love you laides!

P.S. Sounds like one should bring chockies

Steven Jones said:

A fantastic performance. Only dissappointed that there were only 2 people available at the Adelaide show to sell programes. Went back on the 2nd night, prior to opening, to buy program, book, dvd ,only to approach the counter to be told that it was all sold out.

Whoever is responsible for the tour merchandising totally underestimated the response. Obviously no research or thought given to the fact that this is the last show and that fans would want to purchase memorbilia.

Namita said:

Dear Jennifer
I'm so glad you're in remission. I really do care.
Love Namita

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