Red Nose Day 2009 smashes record

Red Nose Day 2009

Red Nose Day raised an incredible £59,187,065 this year, surging past 2007's £40m. The total after all donations have been counted will be announced later in the year.

Watch highlights from French and Saunders' version of Mamma Mia here and here. Then check out the making of Mamma Mia.

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Karen Carmichael said:

Fantastic girls!!! Great effort, as always.

Really looking forward to seeing you soon here in Oz


Denese said:

I have been viewing this web page for almost 2 years and I am not sure that French and Saunders even have a connection to the site.
But just in case they do, I would like to leave a note regarding Ab Fab on Fox here in the U.S.. Sorry, they let you down. Their loss. And ours. My suggestion to you would be a cable channel instead of a network like Fox, ABC, CBS or NBC, they have to many people they are accountable to. HBO would be perfect or Showtime, I am serious, if you don't believe me ask Tracey Ullman.
A concerned fan who would like to see French and Saunders "conquer America". You both deserve the international attention.

Jo Smith said:

Im still pining for five go mad and other comic strip presents but in my shitty town of Orewa nobody in the dvd shops knows wot Om om on about...HELP.....HELP seriously its wot kept me sane as a kid so how about as an adult! mite be important!

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