Jam and Jerusalem, back for series three

Jam and Jerusalem

The credit crunch, the war in Afghanistan and a French & Saunders sketch about Chris Martin’s mum — all have influenced the new series of Jam and Jerusalem, starting this month.

In this series, Sal’s (Sue Johnston) daughter Tash decides she wants to live as an ‘urban forager’ — living off free food.

Writer Jennifer Saunders says, “Tash’s character was based on the fact that a lot of stuff was coming out in the papers as soon as the credit crunch hit, based around these stories of everyone getting into that whole hippy lifestyle, growing food in gardens and saving odd bits and pieces — so Tash was born from that.”

Meanwhile Caroline, played by Saunders, sees her son sent to fight in Afghanistan.

“One of the episodes is based on the fact that one of her sons is now in the Army and has been sent to Afghanistan. She is completely emotionally uninvolved, and while everyone else is crying she isn’t, explaining that it will be good for him and it will toughen him up.”

And the inspiration for Caroline? “The character was originally based on a sketch that Dawn [French] and I created in which I played Chris Martin’s mother.”

Jam and Jerusalem starts Sunday 9 August 8.00-9.00pm, BBC One (3 episodes; see all)

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sisterbeer said:

WOO HOO! Can't wait!

Lisa Hurst said:

V happy J&J is back on especially on BBC1, but why only 3 episodes!! Not enough I say!

Kate Morris said:

It's great to see J&J back. This programme is just too funny and I can't decide who my favourite character is - they're all completely insane... Just pity there isn't 6 hour long episodes instead of 3...

Natalia said:

Las felicito!! J&J es un programa maravilloso!! Me entristece muchisimo no tener acceso a BBC1, ya que sé lo mucho que me estoy perdiendo. Desde Chile un gran abrazo y muchas gracias por este increible programa!!!

TAMTAM said:


Audrey said:

How terribly disappointing! Somewhere along the line J&J has lost its way. It's become very silly and devoid of any humour. I came across it in series 2 and was so taken by it that I bought the series 1 DVD in order to catch up. That was terrific and perhaps THAT on reflection is where the BBC should have left it. In anticipation of series 3, I actively recommended it to friends and told them to watch it on TV. How embarrassing! It's so awful and now my friends are wonderong why on earth I raved on about it. I've just seen the last episode of series 3; it didn't even raise a smile and I am just hoping that you leave it there and don't consider a 4th series.

kim said:

I have to say I too have been disappointed with series three of J&J. It is not of the same quality as the previous 2 series' and I have been left feeling bored at times. In fact I think it is Dawn French's character that has made the series watchable. Without Rosie not sure I would have stayed watching.

Gwendoline said:

How amazing?!

I have seen series 1,2 and 3 and I have to congratulate Jennifer Saunders who gave us the finest 3 episodes anyone could've asked for. These were funny and also very touching(especially the Caroline epi...many of us cried like babies while watching this one!And this proves how the talented Mrs Saunders can play both drama and comedy).
The only sad thing is that I would've wanted to see more... for example: continuing with Sal and Jock... or the Vicar and Kate.. etc...
Brilliant acting, gorgeous people, awesome lines*

Thank you also to Dawn... Rosie is such a cutie and only she can play her like that!
Wonderful! I want morrrree please(already written to the bbc sharks about that...)

xx Gwendo xx

**Seems like the writer, Mrs Saunders, has kept all the best ones for her character...ahah myface? myspacebook? gangbang?... really awesome!

Jas b Jones said:

I think Jam & Jerusalem is one of the best comedy shows around in a long time and luckily for me it's filled with actors I realy love to watch whatever they do! Thank you so much Jenifer saunders I hope that there realy will be a few more series, I can see there is so much more life in these charactors!! I've just caught up by watching all of them from the begining and i think it just gets better and better!!!

Jasmine said:

I have to admit that, even though I love all of Saunders work, series 3 was less successful than 1 & 2. It was good, but less "good" than the other ones. And, it was so short! I think Saunders deserves a break here though--it must be hard to write your way through the characters (series 1 & 2) only to keep things going for whatever reason (series 3). She doesn't seem to be the type of writer who likes to be-labor it all like we do in America--23 shows a season and sometimes for several seasons. And, rarely, does a show get better as the season/series progresses...every one is a decrement to the one before it.

Actually, I wonder whether Saunders felt pressure to keep the series going because of its success.

Btw, Rosie was my favorite characters and French was amazing in that role.

I HOPE, Saunders ready to move to a new project so we can see more her and (maybe) French. I know she/they will do something just as great and we'll all post comments about it too.

Can't wait for more....

Lacy said:

Loved Seasons 1 & 2.
We can not wait for Season 3's release in the States.
Saunders & French you're the best!
Want to see more of you two, together, please!

Shanna said:

I would like to leave a note regarding Ab Fab on Fox here in the U.S..
Sorry, they let you down. Their loss. And ours.

I believe your error was going to network television.
Networks like Fox, ABC, CBS or NBC, have too many people they are accountable to, advertisers, stockholders etc..
My suggestion would be a cable channel. For example, HBO. That would be perfect! You can do or say anything, no censorship. And that is where you will find an audience for a show like Ab Fab. (Entourage, Curb Your Enthusiasm, In Treatment, Little Britain USA, Sex and the City and Big Love). And there is Showtime (Weeds, Californication, Penn and Teller, Nurse Jackie and Dexter). All award winning, controversial programs that would never be allowed on network televison in America.
Anyway, it was just a thought. And I am serious! If you don't believe me ask Tracey Ullman.

A concerned fan who would like to see French and Saunders "conquer America".
You both deserve the international attention.

g.d'anjou said:

does any one know if this show is available in canada,west coast, where and what time?thanks.
gdanjou.new westminster bc

Jennifer Crocker said:

I am in love with J&J (or Clatterford in the U.S.). Then again I adore Ab Fab and the Vicar as well. I grew up with lots of exposure to Brit Comedy and T.V. in general in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas and the shows that you write/appear in are the best in my humble opinion. Keep up the great work.


Helen B said:

I love Jam & Jerusalem and have been very sad to find out that there won't be a fourth series on the BBC. Any chance another channel might continue with this heart-warming and funny programme? And does anyone know when Series 3 will be out on DVD? Oh yes, and where can I get the 2006 Christmas Special from? Thanks everyone!

Lillian O. said:

That absolutely blows that Jam & Jerusalem won't be back for Series 4. Of course, over here in Canada, we're still waiting for Series 3 to come out, but I do wish there was another chunk of episodes after that to look forward to!

Sally T said:

I am so so sad that J & J is not coming back. I absolutely love it - the casting is superb and the writing is brilliant. I love the music and the fabulous countryside. I am a Brit living in the South African Bush and I watch it to stop myself feeling so homesick. Also when will series 3 be out on DVD?

Jackie Donkin said:

I absolutely adored 1 and 2 Jam and Jerusalem,why can't I get hold of series 3 on DVD?

Zoë said:

I don't think series 3 is out yet, which I was going to ask myself, however, there is a Christmas special on the second disc of the first series DVD set, but it's hidden under the "bonus" section. I have had the DVD for ages but only discovered that episode a few days aggo!

Pablo90 said:

I went to the set where its filmed: North Tawton!!! It was exactly the same!! x

Anonymous said:

I loved all 3, can't wait to buy series 3 to watch it all over again, just like 1-2! Much more please Jennifer! British comedys and films are the best!!!

gill stride said:

I so loved Jam and Jerusalem, it struck chords. I am sad to learn that Seried three won't be available on dvd. Shall I form a pressure group?

Col said:

Please, series 3 on DVD.

We already have a pressure group formed, consisting of at least two people. Who knows how many more we represent?!

C'mon...I so want to see more of this.

Lisa said:

Sign me up for the pressure group to get series 3 on dvd too!

Katherine Tomsich said:

I heartily disagree with all who hated series 3. Could be a little bit because I am a huge fan of Clive Russell, but I really enjoyed the whole thing. I did miss Colin, though. I would also like to see a series 4. At least give us series 3 on dvd- where is it?

One other show I enjoyed this much is Wild West.

Gerry said:

I loved J & J superb writing and hope that series 3 will be out on DVD

Kelly said:

I agree with one of the former posts. Lifetime, WE network, some cable channel here would pick this up in a heartbeat. I love the characters and would love to see more. An outtake vid would be awesome, as well.

The other show I'd like to see more of is The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle. Keep em coming!

Frankie said:

What a great series, live in oklahoma. To see the all the beauty of the and has us deciding we are england bound for our next vac, the truth of the people is refreshingly human and humorous. Lovely program

Diana said:

So sad there is not to be a fourth season of the wonderful Jame and Jerusalem. I love it and was delighted my husband could get the episodes for me. Please come back! Rosie has me laughing at a time when we need laughs the most.

G&J from Australia said:

Dawn and Jennifer the UNTOUCHABLES!! Thanks once again for bringing great laughter into our home. Absolutley LOVE J&J!! Even if J&J doesn't continue please continue to capture more of the everyday British country life in a new comedy drama series. Work your magic!! Love J&G. xx

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